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Growth plan for End of Waste (EoW) materials and products
Destaclean is an innovative recycling SME company operating in the Helsinki metropolitan region.

We helped Destaclean to draft the growth plan to expand its businesses in Finland and to Europe based particular on asset- light business models like technology sales, partnerships and licencing. We also helped Destaclean in rising funds to implement its growth and investment plans.
Smart Energy System AskoRegion Lahti
Asko Region Lahti consists of 30 hectars old industrial area owned mainly by Renor Oy, which is redeveloping the area. Renor’s objective is to develop an attractive multipurpose 24/7 area with living, leisure, service and working area well-connected to downtown Lahti.

The Smart Energy System Asko Region is based on utilising ground water as main source of heating and cooling. Storage and recovery of thermal energy is achieved by extraction and injection of groundwater from aquifers using groundwater wells.

We developed an overall technically feasible and commercially viable smart energy concept and did a detailed system analysis especially thermal and flow modeling. Further we have drafted energy operator’s business model (FBOOT approach) and carried out its financial analysis.
Businesses we work with
Challenge Finland Project MINEWEEE - maximizing the value from metal recycling and End-of-Life electronics
The aim of MINEWEEE was to close the loop along metal-containing waste and WEEE recycling in order to increase added value from metal-containing waste streams and execute a proof-of-concept for the MINEWEEE process. The innovative and scalable MINEWEEE recycling concept integrates mechanical, thermal and hydrometallurgical unit processes in a unique way, thus increasing overall recovery of valuable materials from End-of-Life electronics and minimizing process rejects along the metal recycling value chain.

The consortium of MINEWEEE consisted of VTT and Aalto University as research partners and LHJ Oy, BMH Technology Oy, Syrmet Oy, Teknologiateollisuus ry and Kuusakoski Oy as industrial partners. We accomplished a business feasibility study on the MINEWEEE process.
Chicken manure pellet factory - case Mynämäki
Poultry manure is dried, hygienized and pelletised to an organic fertilizer. The manure is transported by conveyors to dryers continuously from three henhouses. Chicken house exhaust air is used as drying energy. In winter season additional heat is required. Pellets are hygienized by keeping the pellets in over 70 degrees at least one hour.

This type of continuous low-temperature drying process prevents nutrient losses and thus nitrogen content will be kept high in the product. Drying energy costs are then at minimum.

We were responsible for building and execution of the plant. The dryer, pelletizing unit and hygienization unit were delivered by Dorset GM which we represent in Finland.

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