We actively develop and offer competitive solutions for a circular economy.

Energy Solutions
Distributed cost-efficient energy solutions. Focus on ground-water energy providing cooling and heating minimizing environmental impacts
Refining Solutions
Refining side-streams to valuable products cost-efficiently with minimal environmental impacts. Focus on drying of organic side-streams and pyrolysis of sludges and plastic waste
What we Offer
We develop and provide solutions by integrating best available technologies in the areas of nutrient recovery, zero-emission energy and recycling of side-streams
Main focus in Energy Solutions is Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES) which is a great and proven solution by solving a common challenge – energy storage – in distributed energy systems. With ATES system both heating and cooling can be done very efficiently – more efficiently than with other geothermal systems (Borehole Heat Pumps). Borehole systems are usually not even allowed in ground-water areas. ATES investments and operational costs are low. ATES system fits well for two-way energy grids and can be supported with other renewable energy sources.
Businesses we work with
Refining Solutions
Nutrient recovery
With energy-efficient drying it is possible to produce valuable organic fertilizers from animal-based manure. Dried manure can be pelletized and hygienized to nutrient-rich products. Similarly, WWT sludge can be dried and further pyrolized for soil-improvers. In pyrolysis all harmful drugs and micro plastics are destroyed but useful carbon will remain in the end-product.
WWT Sludge recycling in cement production
WWT Sludge is generated huge amounts globally. It can be dried and used in cement manufacturing in order to replace fossile fuels and minerals. Sewage sludge has relatively high net calorific value as well as lower carbon dioxide emissions factor compared to coal when treated in a cement kiln. Due to the high temperature in the kiln the organic content of the sewage sludge will be completely destroyed as well as all harmful substances as drugs.
Pyrolysis of Plastic Waste
Dirty plastic waste is a global challenge to be solved. Pyrolysis of plastics as a thermochemical process is an optimal and currently the only way to recycle it to be re-used in petro-chemical industry. Typically more 85 % of the plastics waste is converted to pyrolysis oil.
Meet our Experts
Reijo Kohonen
Chairman of the Board
Professor, D. Sc. (Tech.), eMBA
Kari Larjava
Member of the Board, D.Sc. (Tech.)
Jyrki Uurtio
Senior Advisor
Member of the Board, MSc. (Tech.), MBA
Tommi​ ​Kukkonen

Why we do What we do

"Our focus is to develop profitable distributed solutions by integrating best available technologies in the areas of nutrient recovery, efficient use of renewable energy and sludge treatment. Our roots are from both strong technology and business experience in the fields of energy and environment."
Global EcoSolutions
We actively develop and integrate competitive
solutions for a circular economy.
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